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  • Common Algae Issue in Planted Tanks

    Let's have a look at some common algae problems that may happen in planted tanks and learn how to control it efficiently.

  • A Masterpiece of A Paludarium Wall

    The owner of this masterpiece is called Yuyi, who posted all of these photos on a Chinese Aquarium Forum called China Tropica Aquruin in 2019, whic...
  • Aquatic Plant - African Water Fern

    African water fern, also known as bolbitis heudeotii, creeping fern and congo fern, is native to subtropical and tropical Africa. It is becoming mo...
  • How to Raise Red Plants or Make Red Plants “Red”?

    One of the biggest misunderstandings on the Internet about how to grow the red plants is to add fertilizer frequently or give them some red lights....