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A Masterpiece of A Paludarium Wall

The owner of this masterpiece is called Yuyi, who posted all of these photos on a Chinese Aquarium Forum called China Tropica Aquruin in 2019, which is a very famous Chinese Forum among aquascapers groups in China. He spent nearly ten months to design, prepare and install this huge paludarium wall in his new house and shot those photos of each steps. Now lets take a look how he created this gorgeous masterpiece.

First, lets take a look at the final view in his living room.

Ten months ago, when his new house was just under construction, he started everything on his own.

This was how the wall looked like where he just started.

He built the stainless steel stand of the tank.

He searched a lot of glass factories and finally found one that could help him produce the huge pieces of glass he needed.

He glued the glass and built a huge tank.

He let the workers start to build the grid structure on the wall.

Add the water-proof Aluminum-plastic board on top of it.

He installed the full spectrum lights for the wall.

Then he started to draft the details on the wall.

He projected the draft onto the wall and then drew it accordingly.

He started to source the stone and wood.

He started to build stainless steel net for the background.

 He built the filtration system for the huge tank.

He built the wall by applying the glue.

He started to add moss onto the wall.


He bought the plants and was ready to plant them.


He bought some colorful plants and decorated the wall.

Part 2- build the aquarium tank.

Lots of Anubias Nana Petite.

He was happy that some flowers started to bloom later on the wall.

He added some fishes into the tank.

In the end, he said that "We finally fulfilled our dream, we built that wall, in front of which, we eat, read, drink, and meet with friends . Whatever we are doing there feels like a pleasure. Although there is a lot of hardship along the way, at this moment, I feel everything is worth it!

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